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Fragrancing for Home and Office

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The practise of fragrance is an ancient art. The Egyptians incorporated fragrance into their culture by utilising the sweet scent of resins and aromatic herbs, blended with oils. These rich fragrances were reserved for only the most elite - priests, queens, emperors or as an offering for the Gods.

Today fragrance is available freely for anyone to enjoy. You can soak up the cosy ambiance of scented candles, the delicious fragrance of simmering granules, a dizzying array of fragrance oils, or the more traditional fragrance of resins, gums and incense.

For many simmering granules are the perfect solution for 'fragrance on demand'. Simmering granules have the advantage of never burning dry, the scent will carry quite a distance and they can be refreshed with fragrance oils when the scent starts to fade. A teaspoon or two in the well of a warm oil burner is all that's needed to fill the air with whatever fragrance suits your mood at the time.

Fragrance oils are immensely popular because of their versatility. A few drops added to water in the well of a warm oil burner, a few drops to awaken faded simmering granules, or even added to a clay humidifyor and hung on radiators. less weighty than granules, they are a popular choice for mail-order to keep the carriage costs down.

Scented candles also have a place in modern living, Not only can they be colour co-ordinated to suit your décor, but they are wonderful for creating a cosy atmosphere on dark winter nights. Coupled with the incredible array of fragrances available, they remain a firm favourite!

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