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Tarot, Runes, Pendulums and more

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Divination - 'The art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events, or discover hidden knowledge, usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers'. In ancient times divining, or foreseeing the future was considered the province of 'gifted' people such as Psychics, Shamans, Prophets or Astrologers. Today people in every walk of life are able to able to connect with, channel through, and reveal the secrets of their subconscious by using a variety of tools. Some will seek answers from the Tarot, others will prefer to use a pendulum, crystal ball, or draw on the ancient inscriptions of the Runes.

Whatever medium you choose, the art of divination is no-longer available just to the select 'few'. With practise and patience, you too can tune in to, and receive guidance, to help you through difficult times or simply to get help with decisions in your everyday life. When choosing your divination method, simply be guided by your inner voice. The one that is suitable for you will reveal itself. You will be drawn to a particular Tarot deck because the symbology within the graphics appeals, a particular type of crystal and shape may appeal with a pendulum, or maybe the crystal ball will just intrigue you.....

We also stock the latest issue of Kindred Spirit Magazine packed full of useful articles and informations:

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