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Here we have provided a few simple to use tools which we think are quite useful (we have many more planned) - Give them a try and see what you think. If you like them, tell your friends.

If you have a magickal bent then the sigil generator will probably have some meaning and use to you. everyone can benefit from knowing their biorythms and other health related measures. If you are interested in crystals and crystal healing, then the Crystal Badabase may be of interest to you.


Click a link to start the tools:

Create a Sigil - A Sigil is symbol which has a particular meaning. This version of our generator uses magic numbers to produce a symbol to capture the essence your intent and can be used to personalise and add potency to your magick spells.

Check Your Biorhythms
- Centuries of study suggest the from the time of our birth to our death, our body is regulated by a series of biological cycles. These rhythms are believed to affect our Physical, Intellectual and Emotional state. By giving your birth date, it is possible to predict the current state for each rhythm at a given point in time and this can be very useful.

Estimate your Body Mass Index (BMI) - BMI is essentially a measure of obesity and while we might not like the implications, it is good indicator of whether you are putting yourself at risk through your current lifestyle - it is never too late to change and improve your chances of longevity.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) - BMR is an estimate of how much energy your body needs to sustain itself. By knowing this you can get a good idea of how much food you should consume to keep yourself healthy. The basic truth is, that if you consume more calories than your body needs, then you will generally put on weight and if you eat less, you will lose weight - no diet will ever change that basic fact of nature.

The Crystal Database - Since the dawn of mankind, Crystals have been attributed with special powers. Our crystal database provides information on many types and has a search facility to allow a particular crystal to be selected for a given purpose based on traditional wisdom.

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