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Candles, Holders and Accessories

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Candles galore! Big and small, we have candles for the Altar, spell candles for your magical workings, quarter candles and ritual candles, silver and gold deity candles, traditionally made hand-dipped candles, pure beeswax candles or simply scented candles to fill your world with uplifting and relaxing fragrances. From bulk candle packs to single mini candles, we have a candle to suit every pocket.

We also have many accessories for your candles, from candle lighting tapers, candle grips to hold you candles securely in their holders, to a variety of candle snuffers to extinguish your candles when you have finished.

To support your candles, we have a wonderful selection of candle holders. Whether you are looking for simple glass, natural wood, brass candle holders or special size spell candle holders, browse through our selection, we're only a click away!


Spell candles are different from your Quarter (Watch Tower) candles and Deity candles, because unlike these other candles, they need to be left to burn right down until they extinguish themselves. They also need to be solid colours, not just over-dipped white candles. Selecting the right colour candle for the job, will add potency to your spell casting. So here's a few colours and their uses:-

WHITE - A combination of all colours, represents The Goddess, purity, peace, spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, healing, lunar energy and full moon magic.

GOLD - Represents the God, solar energy, happiness, fast money and happiness.

GREEN - Represents the element Earth, the cardinal compass point North, monetary and finances, abundance, success, fertility, growth, good luck, harmony and personal goals.

YELLOW - Represents the element Air, the compass direction East, learning, memory, creativity, concentration, solar energy and mental clarity.

RED - Represents the element Fire, the compass direction South, passion, energy, strength, courage, health, will power, lust and vigour.

BLUE - Represents the Element Water, the Compass direction West, good fortune, communication, wisdom, tranquillity, spiritual inspiration, healing, dreams and intuition.

PURPLE - Represents Transformation, spirituality, psychic ability, divination, ambition.

BROWN - Represents Earth magic, animal healing, concentration, friendship, grounding

PINK - Represents, friendship, affection, romance, love, emotional healing, peace, caring and healing others.

GREY - Represents problem solving, negative influence banishing.

BLACK - Represents Banishing, protection, negativity clearing, binding, uncrossing and New Moon magic.

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