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How To Use A Pendulum


The pendulum is one of most versatile and convenient of all the dowsing tools. It acts as a conduit between the rational and the intuitive; the conscious and the subconscious. It is a tool that our physical body can use to bring to the surface a deep, unspoken awareness. In essence a pendulum is merely a weight that can be suspended and allowed to swing freely, but most dowsers prefer to use a balanced, symmetrical, purpose-bought pendulum that they can cleanse and keep solely for their own use. This then keeps the dowser in tune with their pendulum without any influence from the ' psychic fingerprints' others leave behind when they touch an object. There are many, many different types of pendulums available on the market, but a good guide to choosing the one that is right for you is simply - follow your instincts. Which one appeals to your eye, is perhaps cut from a crystal you have a natural affinity to and feels comfortable in the hand. Once you have selected your pendulum - either home made or purpose bought - then you are ready to attune yourself to your new tool.


By the time your pendulum has arrived with you, it has passed through many hands, each person will have left a psychic fingerprint - a small amount of their own energy, behind. To cleanse your pendulum of any residual energies, light an incense cone, blow out the flame so that the cone is just smouldering and giving off smoke. Slowly pass your pendulum through the incense smoke. Do this several times turning it before each pass, so that you are sure every surface has been in contact with the smoke. Then sit quietly and hold your pendulum in your cupped hands. Breath in and out slowly and deeply, close your eyes and imagine filling your body with a white light. Start with your feet, and with every deep inhalation, draw the light further up your body, first to your knees, then your hips etc. When you can imagine yourself full of radiant bright light, mentally release the light into your pendulum. Keep that picture for as long as you can. When you can hold it no more, open your eyes and place your pendulum in it's pouch to protect it from outside energies. Keep it safe and don’t allow anyone else to touch it.


Many sceptics say that dowsing is merely moving your hand to get the pendulum to swing in the direction you want. Slight movements of the hand? - Probably, but the point is, it is your intuition that guides' these movements, your conscious mind plays no part in this action. You may well find that you have a natural swing to your pendulum, and you can try a simple experiment to see if this is true for you. Firstly, sitting comfortably with both feet on the ground about a shoulders width apart, hold the cord or chain of your pendulum between your thumb and forefinger. Your fingers should be angled downward and the length of cord between finger and pendulum should be about 2-3". 'Start your pendulum moving to and fro, away from, and then towards your body. This will mark the neutral or 'search' position. 


Frame a question that you know has a ‘yes' answer and watch the pendulum. If there is a noticeable change to the swing - usually a clockwise rotational swing, settling in to a right to left motion - then this is a clear indication that you have established the 'yes' direction. Return to the neutral position and allow the swing to settle back into 'search' pattern. Frame a question that you know must have a 'no' answer and again watch the pendulum. If there is a noticeable change to the swing - usually an anti-clockwise rotation, settling in to a left to right swing - then this is a clear indication that a 'no' direction has been established. If this has happened, then well done you are part way there. If not, then you will need to establish for yourself which direction you would like the answers to take. As with all divination tools, you need to develop a rapport with your instrument. Keep asking questions that you know require a positive or negative answer and guide the pendulum in direction you would like the pendulum to take for that response. This will take time - so be patient - it will come with practise. Having established this 'code' between you and your pendulum, it is useful to move on to a different position that means 'the question is unclear - try again' or 'rephrase '. This is usually established at a 45% angle to the neutral swing - but the choice is yours. Practise is the key to success, try to find a few minutes each day when you can sit quietly with your pendulum and ask questions with known responses. 


There are a few generally accepted rules and guidelines which you may like to follow. Set the pendulum swinging firstly in the 'search' motion. State clearly the topic for the enquiry. Ask 'can I ask about this' - meaning do I have enough skill yet? Ask 'may I ask about this?' - meaning 'is it appropriate? If you receive a 'yes' answer to these questions, then go ahead with your enquiry. Remember to ask questions that will give a positive or negative answer. If the answer is unclear, try to home in on the essence of the enquiry and rephrase. The pendulum works best in response to genuine need - idle curiosity can cause vague answers. Be respectful of your pendulum and you should develop a close bond between your intuition and your conscious mind.

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