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Divination Articles

Any articles we have create on divination, we put here. If you have anything you would like to contibute, drop us a line and we'll see if we can find time to fit it in.

What is Divination? Divination is all about fortelling the future. There are many methods in use today and these range from Astrology to the reading of tea leaves and encompass some of the better known forms of such as Tarot, Runes and Dowsing. .....
The Runes The exact origins of the runes has been lost in the mists of time, but it is widely accepted that they have their roots in Scandinavia. Legend has it that ODIN (the supreme deity in the Norse hierarchy) hung himself upside down in the Yggdrasil (the World Tree) for 9 days, staring at the ground. During this time, the Rune stones, hidden amongst the roots where revealed to him with all their wisdom......
The Runic Alphabet Here we give a very brief outline of Rune interpretation. As with Tarot cards and other methods of divination, runes can be placed in one of two orentations. If the rune character has its normal orientation (shown in the table below) then the standard themes of the middle column are applicable whereas if the character is the wrong way up, this would be classed as a reversal and the alternate themes of the right hands column would apply......
THE PENDULUM The pendulum is one of most versatile and convenient of all the dowsing tools. It acts as a conduit between the rational and the intuitive; the conscious and the subconscious. It is a tool that our physical body can use to bring to the surface a deep, unspoken awareness......
How To Use A Pendulum The pendulum is one of most versatile and convenient of all the dowsing tools. It acts as a conduit between the rational and the intuitive......

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A S - 15/06/2016
Thank you for the two fairy clocks which arrived today. They were beautifully packed and the delivery time was spot on. I will definitely be ordering items again.
M - 31/03/2015
Thank you for the lovely mugs, they arrived quickly. Very happy with product!
L M - 13/03/2015
Wow our two incense burners arrived this morning and they are fabulous, much nicer than the photos (large patterned), we are thrilled with them. One is for us and the other is an initiation gift for someone next week. Thanks so much for sending them so quick - they arrived the next day! Great service, great product. There seems to be a national shortage of decent large burners at the moment, none on ebay, none on Amazon or anywhere. Your shop was the only one who stocked them. Many thanks
R J - 03/03/2015
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for my gorgeous pendant that has just been delivered. I only ordered it yesterday and for it to arrive today is fantastic. I will certainly be using your site again and will recommend it to my Pagan friends. With every good wish & Bright Blessings,
K H - 20/02/2015
Great products and great service. Think postage for some things a little high but that's the postal service these days. Lovely website. Thanks. Bright blessings to all.
W M - 19/02/2015
I wanted to drop by and say how impressed I was by your service. I placed an order yesterday morning and it arrived before midday today! Fabulous service. Everything was safely packaged and exactly what I paid for. I shall be shopping here often in the future. Thank you.
C P - 21/09/2014
just like to say, brilliant website huge range of great products at a good price. will be defitnitly be buying from this website again. many thanks.
R A - 20/09/2014
Love this website. Provides me with everything I need. Thank you.
Mr & Mrs S - 18/09/2014
Just sending a quick message for a faultless service with our order , Many thanks
T K - 18/09/2014
Perfekt for me

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