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Many rituals end with a drink from the Chalice. The Chalice or Goblet, may be used to represent the element water on the Altar and the design and complexity is a matter of personal choice. Some people favour the natural pottery goblets, crafted in time honoured ways, wheras some prefer a silver plated chalice with a simple pagan symbol such as a Pentagram or Triple Moon engraved on it. the Chalice crafted from both brass and silver plate represnts the duality of the God and the Goddess.

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Chalice - Celtic Triquetra (14cms)

An elegant chalice. Celtic Triquetras decorate opposite sides and the bowl shaped cup is supported by an ornate stem. A nice piece of altarware.

Product Code: CHA003158

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Chalice - Pentacle with Spiral Stem

A lovely silver plated chalice for the personal altar or where space is at a premium. Decorated on two sides with an overlocking pentacle design, and finished with a spiral stem. a very nice chalice.

Product Code: CHA002755

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Chalice - Pentagram (Brass and Silver) 15cms

The goblet is crafted from Silver Plate, the stem and base from Brass. The two metals represent the union of the God and Goddess.

Product Code: CHA002356

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Goblet - Angel Rose

A lovely slate-effect goblet with a picture inset into the cup. The artwork is by Anne Stokes and features a young angel, wings folded close around her body, bearing a single red rose.

Crafted from resin, with a removable stainless steel cup insert for easy cleaning, this goblet should give many years good service.

The goblet stands approx 20cm tall.

Product Code: CHA011037

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Ritual Chalice - Pentagram (Silver Plated)

A very attractive chalice, engraved with a pentagram on opposite sides. Ideal for any Pagan ritual or ceremony, a useful addition for the altar.

Product Code: CHA001334

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Ritual Chalice - Triple Moon (14cms)

A necessary piece of pagan kit. This attractive ritual chailce is engraved with the Triple Goddess symbol on the front.

Product Code: CHA003137

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Ruah Vered Goblet - Alchemy

A truly powerful sentiment, the fifth element, the spirit and the 'Breath of Life' or pentagram, combined with the sensual rose of love, toasting health, harmony and passion.

Polished stainless steel wine goblet with pewter pentagram on the base, thorn'd rose stem twisting round the column and magical rose-pentagram badge on the bowl.

Product Code: CHA011613

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