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Athames & Swords



An athame is a magical knife reserved for ritual and ceremonial work. The Boline (Traditionally white handled) is the working knife and swords are often used for outdoor rituals where more space is available. They play a very important role within Wicca and other Pagan traditions. NOTE: YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO PURCHASE BLADED ITEMS FROM THIS SITE.

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An Athame (Magikal Dagger) is used to connect the sources of energy from infinity above (the stars and the air), with the source of energy below (Mother Earth). Used extensivly in the Wiccan craft for closing the doorway of the protective circle.

Sheathed Length Approx 15cms.

Product Code: CER000810

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Athame - Cleopatra's Dagger (Silver Effect)

A historical representation of Cleopatra's dagger, incorporating many ancient egyption symbols. The hilt depicts the sacred scarab resting over the winged sun disc, the papyrus tree is also present on the scabbard which is beautifully embellished with heiroglyphs.

Sheathed Length - approx 35cms.

Product Code: ATH001171

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Athame - Dragon Pendant (Pewter)

Lovely quality, solid pewter necklace Athame. The Dragon Head makes an attractive pendant with the tiny Athame hidden in the design. Easily protable and unobtrusive a nice tiny athame for Pagans on the move.

Product Code: ATH003166

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Athame - Medieval (3)

A nice Athame with a Medieval look. The Athame has a traditional double edged blade, metal pommel and hilt, and a smooth black, rigid plastic handle. It is housed in a rigid sheath, fitted with double chains that can be used to keep the dagger attached to a belt.

Sheathed, the Athame measures approx 38.5cm. Unsheathed, the Athame has a blade length of approx 22.5cm

Product Code: ATH008772

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Athame - Simple (6")

A nice, small plain and simple athame. Wooden handled with brass trimmings and a double edged stainless steel blade. Comes with leather sheath. Ideal for the smaller Altar kits or where discretion is needed.

Product Code: ATH010665

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Boline - Renainssance (Bone Handle)

Unlike the Athame, the boline is a working knife, used for gathering herbs, cutting wood, carving symbols, cutting cords etc. Traditionally it has a white handle and either a straight or curved blade.

This simple boline has a white bone handle, the blade is double edged stainless steel, with brass guard and pommel. The overall length is approx 10" (25.5cm), with a blade length of approx 6" and comes with strong leather sheath.

Product Code: ATH007576

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Medieval Dagger (2)

Simply styled, and nicely balanced, this Medieval dagger has a rigid black plastic grip, with brushed silver metal trim to the hilt. It has a rigid, leatherette sheath, again with brushed silver metal trim. Very elegant in it's simplicity.

Overall length (Sheathed) approx - 16" (41cm)
Blade Length approx - 9.5" (24cm)

Product Code: ATH008253

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Mini Dagger - Athame

Mini dagger-style athame in leather sheath. This athame has a double edged blade, stainless steel blade and a wooden handle. Absolutely ideal for a small travelling Altar kit, or where space is at a premium.

. Overall length 13.25cm
. Nylon sheath
. Belt loop fitting

Product Code: ATH010100

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Athame - Celtic Dagger

Simply styled, and nicely balanced, this Celtic dagger has a rigid black plastic grip, with brushed silver metal trim to the hilt. The hilt bears a central pentagram, flanked by Celtic knot work either side. The Athame has a rigid, black plastic sheath, with silver coloured, brushed metal effect detailing both top and bottom. A very nice Athame!

Overall length (Sheathed) approx - 15" (39cm)
Blade Length approx - 9.5" (24cm)

Product Code: ATH009602

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Athame - Dark Wood handle

A lovely working Athame, simple design, but a lovely weight in the hand. Wood handle, showing the natural grain of the wood with a silky smooth finish.

Athame measures approx 25cm in length and is supplied with a leather belt sheath.

Product Code: ATH008233

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